A unique initiative exploring sustainable future relations

between the emerging Europe region and key Asian markets








To strengthen the debate on sustainable future relations between emerging Europe and the Asian Tigers and connect business partners.


The initiative includes a survey carried out amongst emerging European and Asian businesses, associations, the diplomatic community and think tanks; a hybrid conference live from Seoul and Warsaw, featuring business leaders — and report which will be distributed to decision-makers in 23 emerging Europe* countries and the Asian Tigers**.   

Three focus areas of collaboration between the region and the Asian Tigers: ESGs, Health and Life Sciences and Infrastructure and Logistics.

* Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine


**Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan


Survey followed by a report


Linked conferences in Seoul and Warsaw


C-level speakers from Asia and emerging Europe





Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

Infrastructure, Logistics & Real Estate


& Life Sciences




Emerging Europe will carry out a survey alongside chambers of commerce, sector associations the diplomatic community and think tanks.


The survey is also open to entrepreneurs and business representatives who want to share their views. It covers opportunities and threats impacting the future political and economic relations between the emerging Europe and the Asian Tigers.




Emerging Europe is organising a hybrid conference, online and live from two locations

 —  Seoul and Warsaw  — 

featuring business leaders and media representatives.


The discussion will be centred around the region’s collaboration with the Asian Tigers in three areas: technology & innovation, real estate & logistics and infrastructure & engineering


The events took place on April 29 2021.


Emerging Europe will produce a report including survey findings as well as executive summaries of the discussions carried out at the conference.


A complimentary copy of the report will be distributed to decision-makers in the emerging Europe and Asian Tiger countries. This includes governments, business associations, business leaders and the media. The report will also be available upon request.


Full report release date: May 2021.







In association with

MoneyToday is a South Korean media group that provides both Internet and offline newspapers focused on the finance industries. Its online business publication has a monthly audience of 22 million readers.


The global conference of MoneyToday Media, K.E.Y. PLATFORM is a platform that provides entrepreneurs, scholars and experts from across the world to explore Korea and exchange insight and know-how.



The biggest exchange in Central and Eastern Europe.


A synergistic business system that attracts investment for entrepreneurial projects in various industries worldwide.


Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce Singapore.



The Emerging Europe and the Asian Tigers conference is hosted at the Warsaw Stock Exchange and seamlessly connected to and integrated into MoneyToday's K.E.Y. Platform conference,

hosted at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.


Participants in both venues will be connected live and the events will be broadcasted globally.





It is becoming increasingly clear that economies and businesses need to break out of growth-dependent frameworks and now, facing a pandemic-induced recession, we must confront — sooner than many of us were prepared to — the possibility of a post-growth economy. 


The global Covid-19 pandemic, which has served as the first real proof-point for sustainability, is driving even greater scrutiny of environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics that have gained prominence in recent years.  

The recovery from Covid-19 needs to be sustainable and resilient, fully based on principles of environmental protection and sustainable development as we must build back better and together. It is, therefore, important to work on future-proof solutions jointly.  

At this unique event, two groups of countries, the Four Asian Tigers —which have steadily retained a high rate of economic growth since the 1960s — and the emerging Europe region —the fastest developing part of the Old Continent — share experiences and discuss solutions to create a foundation for a more sustainable future.  

Hosted by Emerging Europe in partnership with MoneyToday, South Korea's leading online business publication, the event will be hosted live from the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Seoul and online via Hopin.



Opening remarks (08:25 CEST / 15:25 KST)

Fireside chat: Jiwon Jung, Chairman & CEO, Korea Exchange, and Marek Dietl, CEO, Warsaw Stock Exchange  (08:30 CEST / 15:30 KST)

Session One: Building back better together: Applying ESG frameworks for international trade and investment (08:50 CEST / 15:50 KST)

International trade and investment are an engine for inclusive economic growth, which is vital in the global post-Covid-19 recovery. This session looks at environmental, social, governance (ESG) and its application in economic relations between the Asian Tigers and the emerging Europe region.  


Key themes

  • A shift in how businesses operate: fair and sustainable trade and investment, social impact investing, sustainable sourcing and supply chains, fair and sustainable trade, innovation and digital transformation. 
  • An accelerating move toward re-shoring or moving operations to more environmentally aware countries.  
  • Emerging Europe and the Asian Tigers’ sustainable trade and investment relations. 



  • Kasia Madera, News Presenter, BBC (moderator)
  • Agnieszka Gajewska, Public Sector and Infrastructure Leader for Central and Eastern Europe, PwC
  • Jeffrey Liebert, CEO, Gazelle Finance 
  • Dae Woong Lim, CEO, ECO&Partners 2℃ and Korea Representative, UNEP FI
  • Jinyoung Kim, Head of Brand ESG Group, KB Financial Group

Session Two: Sustainable healthcare — Healing the world (09.40 CEST / 16.40 KST)

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the health care system’s shortcomings and vulnerabilities in several geographies.


Maintaining or restoring health, while minimising negative impacts on the environment and leveraging opportunities to improve it, to the benefit of the health and well-being of current and future generations, is a clear post-Covid goal. 


Key themes

  • Building on the Covid-19 experience — the future of healthcare and how it can benefit from AI, Big Data and other technologies? 
  • How can the Asian Tigers and emerging Europe join forces and contribute jointly to the global healthcare and health tech scene?  
  • What are the Asian Tigers’ and emerging Europe’s value proposition and what are the areas that can be developed together?


  • Samuel Burke, Business and Technology Correspondent, CNN (moderator)
  • Balázs Fürjes, InnoStars Director, EIT Health InnoStars
  • Ivana Kostić, PhD, Co-founder,  Health Tech Lab Serbia
  • Ki-Suck Jung, Professor, Hallym University Medical School / Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital (Former Director of KDCA)
  • Ethan Tu, Founder, Taiwan AI Labs



Session Three: Sustainable infrastructure, logistics and real estate — Connecting the dots (10.25 CEST / 17.25 KST)

Closing remarks and networking (11.05 CEST / 18.05 KST)

Marek Dietl



Stock Exchange

Samuel Burke

Technology Correspondent


Kasia Madera

News Presenter


Andrew Wrobel


Emerging Europe

Thomas Lubeck

Regional Manager

International Finance Corporation

Jinyoung Kim 

Head of Brand 

ESG Group, KB Financial Group

Ki-Suck Jung 

Professor of Hallym 

University Medical School 

Hallym University

Sacred Heart Hospital 

Jiwon Jung

Chairman & CEO

Korea Exchange

Balazs Furjes 

Managing Director

EIT Health InnoStars 

Ivana Kostić

Co-founder of Health Tech Lab Serbia 

Innovation Fund

Ethan Tu 


Taiwan AI Labs

Agnieszka Gajewska

Public Sector Infrastructure

Practice Leader


Dae-Woong Lim 

Korea Representative


Kwihyun Kahng  

General Manager of

Global Business Department


Sergiu Jiduc 

Research Lead

Sustainable Infrastructure Finance

WWF Singapore



Towards 2030 United States | Q3 2020

Emerging Europe and the United States: Towards 2030 was the first edition of the Towards 2030 series of projects.


The event took place on August 27 2020, in a hybrid format that combined an international online audience of over 400 delegates from more than 30 countries with a live studio audience in Warsaw, Poland.


Several topics were explored, including challenges and opportunities presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, the media’s role in raising the profile of the region on the global stage, as well as trends in energy and climate, health, infrastructure and mobility, and digital transformation.


Delegates had multiple channels to connect with each other through the HOPIN platform, featuring themed breakout rooms, speed video networking, and also had the opportunity to explore event partners’ virtual booths.


The conference included a keynote address from Mircea Geoană, NATO’s Deputy Secretary-General.


We have created partnership options that provide outstanding strategic business and communications results.


  • Establish your thought leadership

    The campaign is a platform to position your experts as leaders related to emerging Europe-Asian Tigers cooperation.

  • Position and strengthen your brand

    Show a global audience with a stake in emerging Europe and the Asian Tigers that you are a leading market player and ideal partner.

  • Make high-profile connections

    We will involve major stakeholders from Asia and emerging Europe in the programme. As a partner, you will tap into a wealth of new contacts.











Emerging Europe is a leading intelligence, community and news platform whose mission is to foster the social, economic and democratic growth of the region and initiate debate about its future. We combine our global reach with a strong local footprint.


Emerging Europe initiates debates and provides a source of know-how and insight. The goal of this initiative is to discuss how will future relations develop, and what will they mean for the region in a broader geopolitical and economic context. 


If you have any questions about the project and how you can get involved, feel free to drop us a line.


Emiliano Ramos

Partner, Growth & Partnerships


Andrew Wrobel

Founding Partner

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